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Visual thresholds of image usefulness in fingerprint compression

Fingerprint identification has been around for a long time now, and naturally a lot of research has been done on what file format should be used, and if compression used, what type and what compression ratio. Most previous studies have based their conclusions on image quality metrics like Peak Signal to Noise Ratio to determine if the compression is not degrading the images too much. These previous studies have set the compression ratio to 16:1. This study will use a psychovisual experiment (paired comparison method) to determine what compression ratio can be used. The difference between this and the previous experiments is that observers (fingerprint experts) will be asked to judge whether the images are useful for matching and not whether they can see the compression artefacts. What this will give is a threshold of usefulness not a threshold of when artefacts start appearing. We believe that the compression ratio result will be higher than 16:1

Nicolas Geades, John Smith, Sophie Triantaphilidou. School of Media, Art and Design. University of Westminster.

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