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DNA transfer argument continues

Oct 24, 2016

Research into the phenomenon of DNA transfer continues.  It appears that the more we know, the more we appreciate that this is perhaps a more complicated topic than first appeared.  While there are some who believe that the DNA profile can tell us how the DNA was deposited, we do not believe that there is enough research to support such opinions.

Breathnach et al recently published the results of their work looking at specific scenarios of DNA transfer[i].  They claimed that this work, combined with the experience of the expert, now enabled the assessment of not only the possibility of DNA transfer but also the  probability of transfer via wearing, touching and indirect transfer to worn items of clothing.  Having previously published an extensive review of the research in this area[ii], we found this conclusion surprising. 

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[i] Breathnach, M. et al., Forensic Science International: Genetics 20 (2016) 53–60)

[ii] Meakin, G., Jamieson, A., Forensic Science International: Genetics 7 (2013) 434–443

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