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Computer stats

Computer stats

Challenging computer generated statistics from 'expert systems'

Evaluation of profiles

Evaluation of profiles

Verifying results produced by others; especially important for mixtures

Trace DNA

Trace DNA

DNA transfer is a key factor in many cases

Recovery and analysis

Recovery and analysis

Examination and recovery of cellular material from items

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By working with solicitors and Counsel in these types of cases, The Forensic Institute prepare extensive easy (or at least easier!) to understand presentations to take the jury step by step through the intricacies of concepts such as ‘stochastic variation’, ‘likelihood ratios’, and a key issue in many current DNA cases, DNA transfer.

We provide a comprehensive forensic DNA service which includes;

·       recovery and analysis of material

·       checking profiles produced by others

·       evaluation of statistics

We have sepcific and extensive experience in challenges to Low Copy Number (LCN) or Low Template (LTDNA) DNA profiles.

Our special expertise has been especially useful in challenging so-called expert systems that claim to calculate likelihood ratios from all sorts of DNA samples, usually where the standard and generally accepted statistical methods were unable to produce a figure, . 

Following the Appeal Court decision in R v Dlugosz, we have also provided successful challenges to DNA evidence presented without statistics.

Of particular importance in many cases is the issue of DNA transfer.  We have published a review of the topic.  Professor Jamieson and Dr Bader are the editors of Wileys Guide to Forensic DNA Profiling.

Contact us now to see how your case can benefit from our expertise.


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