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Forensic digital evidence is stored on, received or transmitted by an electronic device.  Text messages, emails, pictures and videos, and internet searches are all potential types of digital evidence.

Storage devices for digital evidence include

  • media cards (e.g. SIM, flash, memory sticks)
  • optical media such as CDs and DVDs
  • digital cameras
  • MP3 players
  • iPods, servers
  • surveillance systems
  • game boxes such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii, and GPS devices.

Digital evidence is no different from other forensic evidence in that it must be identified, packaged, analysed and interpreted properly.  Our expertise can be invaluable in providing and independent assessment of digital evidence from all of these sources, including CCTV evidence and mobile phone storage (even from files that the user thinks is deleted).  Call now for free initial assessment and advice.

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