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Drugs on money

Drugs on money

Dealing with assertions that the presence of trace drugs infers supply

Fingerprints & marks

Fingerprints & marks

Checking and identifying fingerprints, footwear and other marks



Testing, checking, including Low Template DNA, statistics, and DNA transfer

Image analysis

Image analysis

CCTV, photo, and video assessment

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Our work includes DNA, CCTV, and toxicology

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Comprehensive analysis, comprehensible and relevant briefings, and clear unambiguous reports and statements ensure that you are aware of any challenges to the scientific and medical evidence in your case. 

The majority of our work is funded by Legal Aid.  From our free initial assessment we provide detailed descriptions of the work we recommend and an estimate of the likely fees.

For examples of some interesting issues that arise in our extensive casework, have a look at Matters Arising. 

Our international work includes the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, and Cyprus.

Matters arising

“The work carried out by the Institute led the way in work and understandings that had been missed by previous agents over the last six years. As a result, we would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude for all the help and assistance you gave in this matter.” (solicitor)

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