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Forensic Science Specialists

The Forensic Institute (TFI) was founded in 1999 as an international network of experts providing professional forensic services to the legal profession, in addition to providing a significant academic resource.

Our aim continues to be the provision of the highest quality scientific and medical services and training relevant to civil or criminal justice.

Those aims, and our reputation, have extended our work across the world.

Challenging seemingly 'orthodox' views, which can turn out to be only a very local view, and promoting the presentation of correctly weighted and diligently researched evidence, has been a hallmark of our work.  

Our extensive expertise is drawn from across the world and includes public and private forensic science laboratories, individuals, and academic establishments. Quite simply, the Institute uses the world’s leading experts to provide one of the most comprehensive and high quality sources of forensic scientific and managerial expertise anywhere.

In 2014 we added paternity testing and workplace drug testing to our services as well as expanding our criminal defence work to the USA. 

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